English Workshop der sechsten Klassen

Media Madness_07
06.11.2013 - Christian Kusche

English Workshop der sechsten Klassen

Media Madness_07

My class-mates and I had an English Workshop called Media Madness. The main topic of the workshop was advertisement. The workshop lasted three days. Sharon and Franz moderated the workshop. The two were really cool and they were talking English to us all the time. Franz was born in Vorarlberg, but after his Matura he went out to see the world. In California he met Sharon and they lived there together for about twenty years.

At first we separated the class 6b into teams to play some games where we could collect points. The games were not only fun but also really interesting and we learned a lot. All of us enjoyed the workshop a lot. Besides, we learned much about America. The highlight of the English Workshop was our self-made Zombie movie named „Zombienarium“. It was really hard and demanding to make a movie because we had to record some scenes a couple of times (we laughed a lot).

To make a movie is a lot of work, but thank god the result is great. It was cool to see ourselves in the adapted version (it was FUNNY too). In the end every group got a little gift because everyone of us was good. Overall it was pretty cool and everyone would love to do it again! Thank you Sharon and Franz!

Maximilian Lassacher (6b), Axel Kahr (6b), Oliver Schmid (6b)

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